Flexible Schedule

Shape your Ava&Ziva schedule around your life by defining the number of hours you wish to dedicate and controlling how those hours fit into your life. Adjust your schedule (increasing or decreasing hours) at any point.

Competitive Compensation

Receive competitive pay for the time you spend sewing and earn additional bonuses based on your quality and crafts(wo)manship. 

Work Remotely

Design your sewing around your life and sew from the comfort of your home or studio.

  • 1. Define your Hours

    At the beginning of each monthly cycle, define the number of hours you wish to dedicate to Ava&Ziva. Your hours can change month-to-month.

  • 2. Receive your Supplies

    Based on your desired hours, you will receive the proper number of cut and surged pattern pieces. We will also provide the needed number of garment tags.

  • 3. Sew the Garments

    Sew the complete garment by divide your hours however you like across your month. This allows you to adjust your weekly schedule around your life.

  • 4. Send the garments back & get paid!

    Send the completed garments back and receive your base pay. Once the garments are inspected by the Quality Control team, you will receive your Quality Bonus.

Commonly Asked Questions

What does Ava&Ziva look for in sewers? How do I know if I’m a good fit?

How do I get started? What is a Trial Pack?

Step 1: Please complete the interest form below. 

Step 2: Our team will follow up with a few questions and schedule a virtual interview. 

Step 3: Complete Trail Pack. 

We will provide you with a ‘Trial Pack’ that contains cut and serged pieces, and instructions to complete a single garment. 

We believe that every relationship should be mutually beneficial, and the Trial Pack gives both you and us the opportunity to determine if it will be a good fit. 

We will use the Trial Pack to ensure your completed garments will meet our quality standards. You can use the Trial Pack to ensure that you will be profitable and enjoy sewing for Ava&Ziva.

You will be compensated for completing the Trial Pack.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of hours I can dedicate? 

We ask that you dedicate a minimum of 16 hours per month- this averages to about 4 hours per week. We work on monthly-cycles, so and can divide your hours however you like across your month. This allows you to adjust your weekly schedule around your life. 

As desired, you can work full-time hours as a sewer and dedicate up-to 40 hours per week.

Can I increase or decrease my hours as my schedule changes? Can I stop at any time?

Yes, you can increase or decrease your hours or choose to stop at any point. 

We will adjust the amount of supplies provided to you based on the hours you are willing to commit.

If you wish to stop at any point, simply send the incomplete garments back. 

How am I compensated? When will I be compensated?

You will be paid a base-pay for all the garments that you sew. The base-payment will be issued at the end of each monthly-cycle as soon as the completed garments are shipped out.

Once your completed garments are received, they will be inspected by our quality assurance team. When your garments are pass with an ‘A’ rating or higher, you will receive your quality bonus. 

How is quality checked?

We check garment quality across the following areas: 

  • Garment measurements match sizing guide.
  • Even and pressed seam allowances and hem.
  • Proper tension and even stitches.
  • Properly installed tags and loose threads cut.

We will provide you with a complete Quality Check Rubric during the Trial Pack phase.

What does a week-to-week, month-to-month look like as an Ava&Ziva sewer?

We work in monthly cycles. Ahead of the monthly-cycle, you will indicate how many hours you wish to dedicate. Based on your desired number of hours, you will receive the proper number cut and serged pattern pieces, and the needed garment tags.

You can divide your sewing across your month however you like. This allows you to fit sewing around your life, instead of fitting your life around your sewing. 

At the end of the month, you will send the completed garments back and receive your next box of cut and serged pieces.

Do I need any supplies or equipment? 

Yes, you will need the following supplies and equipment:

  • Sewing Machine with appropriate accessories (zipper foot, etc…)
  • Steam Iron
  • White and Black thread

As a A&Z sewer, you will receive supplies at a discounted rate. Any supplies you purchase can be written off. 

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